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BP International Shipping Corporation (BPISC) is dedicated in providing the highest quality maritime services, by ensuring that our seafarers are rigorously and continuously equipped and trained to become trustworthy, highly-skilled, reliable and well-motivated maritime professionals who can measure up to the most exacting standards and requirements of our various principals and stakeholders. BPISC is determined to be at the forefront of shaping and moulding the “new generation” of proficient, creative and dedicated seafaring professionals.

Driven by a high-calibre management team, BPISC strives to be responsive to our principals’ and stakeholders’ every need and provide them with the best cost-effective source of manpower by being at the cutting-edge of industry practice and standards, vigorously and faithfully adhering to national and international maritime statutory & regulatory requirements, and by putting in place an effective and proven quality management system.

While providing an ideal work place, which inspires creativity and enthusiasm and engenders excellent opportunities for personal development and career advancement, we are also keen on nurturing the lives of our people and their families in a well-knit BPISC community.

Aware that one of the true measures of our success is how we positively impact the world in which we live in, we are determined to act responsibly and do our share in helping protect this world.
Thus, we seek to be an ever-reliable partner for our principals and clients, an enduring home for our people and a responsible member of the maritime industry and the world.


BP International Shipping Corporation (BPISC) has embraced the vision of becoming the 21st century’s crewing/manning agency of choice for the shipping industry, providing for its principals, stakeholders and other clients the most proficient, dependable and motivated marine professionals as well as the finest ancillary and related maritime services; and ultimately becoming the most reliable and trustworthy partner for our principals /clients crewing and manpower needs.

Core Values:

We firmly believe that “a man’s word is his bond.” We are meticulously faithful to our representations, contracts, agreements and commitments.

Cognizant of the truth that a person’s best ability is always his dependability, that is, “to be reliable at all times and in all situations,” we ensure that this core value is deeply etched into the character of our seafaring professionals.

We ingrain our land-based and seafaring professionals with a deep love for and loyalty to their work and their industry, developing a professional pool that is motivated and driven to give their best even to the point of performing above and beyond the call of duty.

Aware that our people are our most important resource and priority, we always ensure that our seafarers are continuously equipped, trained and motivated to become trustworthy, proficient, dependable and enthusiastic maritime professionals who can make the best productive contribution to our principals’ operations. Simply, we always aim to exceed our principals’/clients’ expectations by keeping abreast with the latest industry developments and cutting edge technology.

The saying, “no man is an island”, is an important truth in the maritime industry. No greatness of skill or depth of knowledge can compensate for the absence of teamwork. Our seafaring professionals are continuously trained and indoctrinated in this vital ingredient of success in every collective endeavor.